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    Directed & Devised by Rainsford

    Performers: Belinda Lloyd, Stephen Weir, David Le Dieu, Simon Rosengarden, Amy Gale, Rainsford

Original Music: Tony Sawrey, Barry Ferrier, Alan Griffith

Live music by: Tony Sawrey, Paul Ryan, Simon Kerger

Dark erotic primal mutations, disturbing at first, that afterwards seems to emerge into a sublime beauty.  This is a neo-romantic butoh work. Coined with the phrase – ‘a surrealigious work’ – Sweet Flowers of Perversity is a place darkness, but not the darkness of fear or ugliness – but the darkness of mystery, fertility and abundance.  Where the roots grow as beautiful as does the flower.

Unashamedly erotic, but not in the least self-conscious, the images powerful, not so many years ago a show as bold as this would have had some elements clamouring for its closure...’ ~ Leonard Radic - The AGE


One of the years most contentious and provocative performance pieces' ~ Chris Boyd – Melbourne Times