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Directed, written and designed by: Rainsford

    Performed by:

    Marseille: Tony Yap, Mary Salem, Rainsford

Melbourne: Mary Salem, Rainsford, Rima Hadchiti, Maia, Carlos Valencia, Bruno Castillo, Zya R Kane.

Brisbane: Mary Salem, Rainsford, Rima Hadchiti, Fernando Miro, Daniel Mounsey, Karina Doughty.

South America: Mary Salem, Rainsford, Daniel Mounsey, Marta Monzon, Daniel Larrazabal
Lustra Botis: Freddy, Ivan, Rolando, Raniro.

The Nightgardener was first performed in Marseille France, and continues to grow in reputation, in this work the entire audience is placed in headphones, and a soundscape of extraordinary proportions expands the stage event. The work was selected to open the Fitaz Festival in La Paz.

‘Perhaps there is a cry of judgement in our hearts for this work, but it is not a cry against judgement, it is a cry for judgement to be placed upon us, like a prison in which we might find freedom’...Rainsford

The Nightgardener’s song is melancholy, his is the lament for the unfulfilled experience. Whilst by night he will nurture and seed the garden of dreams, by day he cries into an ocean of tears.  And his tears have salted a desert.  On the fringes of the great salt lake, small villages have sprung up where the people harvest the salt of the Nightgardener’s tears to sell in the markets.  The irony for the people of the village, as they depend on the salt for their livelihood, they also depend upon a world that moves the Gardener’s heart to tears as he searches for his love, catching only a glimpse of her in the (night) dreams of the villagers.

...Rainsford creates a tactile, inescapably immediate atmosphere... erotic, surreal and mystical~ Anne Vuagnoux, Taktik, Marseille


‘Rainsford and his Chapel of Change group have brought to Brisbane a fascinating pieces of theatre, quite unlike anything I’ve seen original theatrical experience~ Stagediary


...erotic and surreal, disturbingly biblical, a rare work of great courage.  Do not miss it' ~ Valerie Kirwin, playwright, author


Chapel of Change dedicate The Nightgardener to the memory of: Ross Phillip Schumacher – 28 June 1966 – 11 May 2006    

'..We dedicate this work to this man; an original thinker, a man who chose to challenge the comfort zones of mediocrity in all areas of his life. He had supported the development of this work with a fearless conviction, something more often seen in the patronage of art in Europe than in Australia.  Your spirit will always live on.  You are remembered in our hearts forever as a man we truly love: -
Chapel of Change'

‘Nana, I am putting on a play. Spell it! P.L.A.Y - What on earth for lovey? Are you going to make money?  No, but I feel I must.  Then you must, you must but make sure you do it well (and make sure you invite your mum and sisters).
This play is dedicated to my Nana – Mary McMahon (who has been part of everything good that I have ever done and none of the bad.)  Love and Luck Always.’    Ross Phillip Schumacher.  
(The Nightgardener program 2002)