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47 minutes (Director’s version)

Starring: Mary Salem, Rainsford, John F Howard, Daniel Mounsey, Christopher Dowling, Gabriel Lloyd Towner

       Written and Directed by Rainsford

Cinematography:  Nicholas Sherman ACS

Synopsis: The cost of life is measured in the ways we value our young.  A soldier’s journey and his decisions send ripples across his sphere of influence...and beyond.

Directors Note:

This contemplative narrative, emerging through the inner landscape of a boy conceived from a war rape, becomes in another way, the contradictions a man can experience when contemplating a pacifists ideal.  It seems it is natural for a Father to protect his children, even required of him, when does that protection warrant becoming a soldier and fighting to kill? The making of the film -Tree of Humility -began from a process of developing  hypothetical’s that challenged the notions of both the pacifists ideal, and the ‘primal will’ to fight to protect ones family.